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Hi, I’m Wendy and this is my story:

The concept of this book began when I was a little girl with tears in my eyes, watching my parents fight.  I wished I could help them, but what could a 5 year old say or do!  My parents were like most – not good role models when it came to marriage. When I got married, I realized I did not have the know-how to build a good relationship. Friends and family said our marriage would last 8 months at the most.  I wanted to do better than my parents so I went back to school, I researched, attended workshops, seminars and read numerous books, I studied hard. I turned my marriage around 180 degrees.  I discovered marriage was not as hard as I was led to believe.  When you have the right tools and use them, it makes marital life so much easier and happier.  The ideas were so helpful, I wanted to share them.  It took me 10 years to put it all together, I wanted to make sure that the information was easy and practical so that you could begin using it right away.  I wrote this book for you. Whether you are engaged, newlywed or in a long term relationship, you will discover the secrets of long term happily married couples and the fundamental keys that will transform your marriage into one you have always wanted.  I did it, others have done it, now you can too. Oxoxo