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Wendy Fierstein helps readers create a lasting and successful relationship in You Can Live Happily Married For a Lifetime.

This book empowers couples to transform a troubled marriage into a peaceful and harmonious one, and makes a good marriage even better.


You Can Live Happily Married for a Lifetime

Modern Applications of Proven, Timeless Wisdom to Create a Lasting, Successful Relationship

a book by Wendy Fierstein

168 Pages

Published by

Balboa Press on September 19, 2016

Book tags
Family & Relationships / Marriage
Self/Help / Spiritual
Psychology / Interpersonal Relations


MISSION: To reverse the divorce rate; to bring peace and harmony into the home; and to help others with a portion of the proceeds.

See What Readers Are Saying:

“This book should be required reading”.
“Wish I had this book 40 years ago”.
“Wish I had this book before I got divorced”.
“I love how positive it made me feel about marriage”.
“It reminded me of all the things I should be doing”.
“Very well written and so easy to read”.
“Wonderful book, full of wisdom”.
“Already putting it into my life with success”.